Transmitter systems

DRC Radiolab is the sales and service representative for Electrolink in Norway.

Electrolink is one of Italy's leading manufacturers of broadcast equipment and provides a full range of transmitters and equipment for FM, DVB and DAB to all over the world. The primary focus is designing effective RF amplifiers and accurate filter solutions, securing strong and stable radio signals with no unwanted noise or interference.

All components are provided with redundant power supplies and optional dual-exiter, 1+1 or N+1 configuration, and of course remote monitoring/control. This secures high availability and stable setups with minimal risk of downtime. You can read more about Electrolink and their products at http://www.electrolink.com.

DAB/DAB+/DMB transmitters

DAB / DAB+ / DMB transmitters

Transmitters with a forward effect on 50W - 5kW. Delivered complete with modulators, power amplifiers, power supplies and filters for critical mask. Mounted in rack, tested and verified in factory and on site.

We also offer built-in GPS synchronisation, dual modulators with automatic failover and remote monitoring / configuration over IP.
FM transmitters

FM transmitters

FM transmitters with a forward effect of 50W - 35kW with premium presision and maximum reliability. We offer redudant exciters with automatic failover, N+1 configurations, hot-swappable modules and remote monitoring / control over GSM, serial connection or IP. We also provide custom systems if you have additional requirements and specifications.

We also provide rebroadcast systems (RX filters and MPX receivers), filters and combiners.

Combinere og sendefilter

Combinere and filters

  • FM: 2 og 3 cavity filters 0-30kW
  • DAB: 6 - 8 cavity filters for critical and uncritical mask 0 - 3.5kW
  • Combiners: By customers specification and request
  • Other frequencies and system: Please contact us!