DRC Radiolab AS designs and deliver a wide variety of solution for transport, contribution and distribution of digital bitstreams and signals.

Below you will find a range of our products.

Microwave links

Microwave links

  • Dedicated systems for maximum realiability and uptime
  • IP, ETI/E1, ASI (DVB/DENG), SDH (STM1-155Mbit)
  • Available in most frequency bands (2-23GHZ) and multiple configurations
  • Optional 1+1 configuration
ETI/E1 over Ethernet

ETI / E1 over Ethernet

  • ETI/E1 over standard IP/Ethernet networks.
  • Reuse cheap and easily available infrastructure (company networks, leased lines, internet) to transport ETI signals
  • IP/UDP/RTP transport
  • Available with 1-16 channels
Fiberoptic systems

Fiberoptic multiplexsystems

  • n x ETI/E1 over fiber
  • n x ETI/E1 + ethernet over fiber
  • n x ETI/E1 over SDH
  • n x ASI over fiber
  • SDH optic/electric og electric/optic converters
  • CWDM systems with up to 8 simultaneous bi-directional SDH and/or IP networks using a single fiber