DAB / DAB+ / DMB Multiplexers

DRC Radiolab is happy to offer our innovative DAB, DAB+ and DMB multiplex. It has been reliably servicing the Radio Nova DAB+ project in Oslo.

The software runs on GNU/Linux and scales easily to highly available and complex setups. It includes real time monitoring, dynamic reconfiguration and feature complete APIs for metadata handling.

DAB/DAB+/DMB Multiplex | Standard

DAB / DAB+ Multiplex - Standard configuration

  • DAB/DAB+ multiplexing, all bitrates and protection modes with simple setup
  • Input over UDP, TCP, support for most DAB/DAB+ encoders including CRC-DABPLUS
  • Delivers ETI output signal (NI and NA) via G.703 (E1) or IP
  • Automatic input and output logging by the hour
  • Web-based monitoring and configuration
  • Flexible monitoring alerts with SNMP traps or scripts (e.g. to Nagios)
  • Based on GNU/Linux and integrates easily into your existing infrastructure
DAB/DAB+/DMB Multiplex | All-in-one

Multiplex and 8 DAB/DAB+ encoders in one box

  • All the features of the standard version
  • 8 DAB or DAB+ encoders
  • Analog or digital inputs (AES/EBU, MADI)
  • Seamless source switching and signal routing
DAB/DAB+/DMB Multiplex | EAS

Multiplex and DAB / DAB+ encoder for emergency systems

  • 1U standalone version for emergency broadcast systems
  • Built-in DAB/DAB+ encoder with break-in functionality
  • Can play pre-recorded messages from file
DAB/DAB+/DMB Multiplexer | Custom

Tailored solutions

We offer tailored solutons, some of the functionality we offer are:
  • Up to 12 multiplexers on the same system
  • Integration with other systems
  • Flexible input- and outputrouting
  • 1+1 and N+1 redundancy