Pioneers in Norwegian Digital Radio

The company was founded in 2011 by the people behind the RADIO DAB+ pilot project in Norway and gathers people with solid experiences from both the computer and broadcast industry - securing competence over the entire broadcast chain.

DRC Radiolab is an efficient and sociable company based in Oslo, Norway. We provide coverage mapping, monitoring, development services and more for the radio broadcast industry. With a whole range of different products and services we hope to cover most needs that a customer might have.


Our main focus is to aid radio into the digital age, and our development department works hard to develop new and innovative solutions.

If you have a challenge for them please let us know. We would love to cooperate on the next big thing.

Coverage mapping
Web-based visualiation of coverage

DRC Radiolab offers off-the-shelf and customized coverage mapping solutions targeted towards broadcast, network- and telecom operators. We will convert your raw coverage data to formats that easily integrates with most mapping solutions available such as Google Maps and OpenLayers.

Solutions range from conversion only to custom developed and hosted mapping solutions, and customizing options are plentyfull:

  • rainbow/heat maps
  • multi-layers, multi-level coverage (in-door, out-door, mobile)
  • external data lookups
  • transmission station with details
  • real-time data from monitoring systems
  • data from third party sources such as population density.

  • and more...
Please contact us for more details and demo!

DAB coverage logger
Hardware logger and Web-based visualization of coverage

To complement the mapping solution we have developed a hardware product to log coverage and signal quality. It consists of a complete DAB receiver, GPS and SD-card interface to continiously monitor and log the signal.

  • Continuously logs signal level, quality and bit-errors
  • All measurements are tagged with GPS coordinates, date and time
  • Integrates with the mapping solution and let you easily compare simulated and actual coverage
  • Uses standard micro USB for power, can run off USB charger or powerbank for fully mobile operation
  • Very small size: 65x30x85mm
  • Optional mounting hardware for permanent installation
This product is currently under development, please contact us for details.

DAB EDI/ETI Monitor and analyzer
Web-based solution for monitoring and archival of DAB multiplexers
This product is currently under development, please contact us for details.